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‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’

Elliott Erwitt, 1949

‘Tears the size of hubcaps’

Mike Barnicle describes the impact of the Sox’ loss in 2003 on his son, Tim.

From The Tenth Inning by Ken Burns

Some like it hirsute

Marilyn with bear behind, via The Daily Telegraph

Rhino in Fall

Bessie (or Victoria), one of the rhino statues created by Katherine Lane Weems in the 1930s that grace the entrance to the Harvard Bio labs.

Image: Tim Sackton

A bit of Mencken

“What I admire most in any man is a serene spirit, a steady freedom from moral indignation, an all-embracing tolerance — in brief, what is commonly called good sportsmanship. Such a man is not to be mistaken for one who shirks the hard knocks of life. On the contrary, he is frequently an eager gladiator, vastly enjoying opposition. But when he fights he fights in the manner of a gentleman fighting a duel, not in that of a longshoreman cleaning out a waterfront saloon. That is to say, he carefully guards his amour propre by assuming that his opponent is as decent a man as he is, and just as honest — and perhaps, after all, right. Such an attitude is palpably impossible to a democrat. His distinguishing mark is the fact that he always attacks his opponents, not only with all arms, but also with snorts and objurgations — that he is always filled with moral indignation — that he is incapable of imagining honor in an antagonist, and hence incapable of honor himself. Such fellows I do not like. I do not share their emotion. I can’t understand their indignation, their choler. In particular, I can’t fathom their envy. And so I am against them.”

~ “A Blind Spot,” the Smart Set, April 1920, quoted in The Vintage Mencken, by Alistair Cooke.

Monty Python: Election Night Special

For Primary Day

Monty Python: Party Political Broadcast

For Primary Day

Hail to the Redskins

Wearing old-school unis they opened the season by beating the Cowboys.

AP image via Daylife

May we never forget

~ Detail from the FDNY Memorial Wall

“The time for mourning may pass, but the time for remembering never does.”
President George W. Bush

The New York Fire Dept. March & Two Step

Via the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music and Perfessor Bill