Why the Jury Box?

Honey Fitz and 1914 Braves Rooters

The old Braves Field in Boston had a bleacher section in right field that was dubbed the “Jury Box” after one game when only a dozen people were sitting there.

The Jury Box, like Duffy’s Cliff at Fenway, exists only in memory today. I used to live on the site of the former Braves Field grandstand and my view looked out over where the Jury Box used to be.

Were the ghosts of a dozen old spectators still convening there? This virtual meeting place aims to offer commentary as discerning on the game at hand.

~ Mark C. N. Sullivan


4 responses to “Why the Jury Box?

  1. It’s a great name, but it does make me a cringe a bit that I’ll hit a legal blog (“blawg” ‘by the same name. Having a lot of experience in front of juries as a trial lawyer, I hope to avoid appearing in front of that sort of jury box if at all possible.

  2. Yeoman, the more posts and hits, etc, the higher up this site rises in the Google rankings, so make sure you keep visiting and commenting to ensure this Jury Box beats out all the other jury boxes. (I’m running neck and neck with some lawyer’s blog at the moment.)

  3. I shall faithfully answer the summons to appear for this jury as requested.

  4. What a great source story. I love old baseball stories like that.

    Sadly, here in St. Louis, the site of old Sportsman’s Park has fallen in disrepair.

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