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History of a St. Tammany weathervane uncovered

Removing the modern black paint layer revealed the historic finish, earlier repairs, and bullet holes in this St. Tammany weathervane.

The Elusive Goofy Elk


Wondermark, an illustrated jocularity by David Malki

“The One-Note Man”

By H. M. Bateman ~ Punch, Dec. 14, 1921

Alfred Hitchcock said this cartoon inspired the Albert Hall sequence in the original version of The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Art of the Americas Wing, Museum of Fine Arts

From a Flickr gallery by Amy Kane.

Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend

From an extensive Winsor McCay gallery at the Comic Strip Library.

San Francisco Seals

Orange-crate label from Ben Sakoguchi’s Unauthorized History of Baseball.

Seals Stadium is now but a memory. According to Munsey & Suppes:

Rumor has it that in the 24-hour Safeway store located above Seals Stadium in San Francisco, the employees occasionally see the ghosts of former Seals players walking down the aisles late at night.

‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’

Elliott Erwitt, 1949

Rhino in Fall

Bessie (or Victoria), one of the rhino statues created by Katherine Lane Weems in the 1930s that grace the entrance to the Harvard Bio labs.

Image: Tim Sackton

The Face in the Lens.

Europe, circa 1940

The Zardo Trio presenting “Oddities in Jungleland,” USA, circa 1920

UK, circa 1900

Images from The Face in the Lens: Anonymous Photographs by Robert Flynn Johnson

Via (OvO)

The Face in the Lens.

Anonymous Photographs.
Edited by Robert Flynn Johnson, introduction by Alexander McCall Smith.
University Of California Press, Berkeley, 2009. 208 pp., 223 duotone illustrations, 9¾x9¾”.




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