‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’

Elliott Erwitt, 1949


5 responses to “‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’

  1. I was speechless–or commentless–when I first saw this yesterday. Having passed that spot many times, my reaction boils down to: Why didn’t I think of that?
    Off topic (the topic being…archery?), but I liked the Dan Shaughnessy piece in yesterday’s Globe about Ted Williams.

  2. Steve, this picture hangs in a hallway at my office and I’ve always particularly liked it.

    I too liked the Shaughnessy piece. Did you watch Ken Burns this week?

  3. I want to catch it on the rebound–I was stuck at work.
    And some day I have to tell you about my attempt to quote from the Ken Burns series ,during the baseball strike, at a Q&A in a public forum with the head of the UN Cairo conference in October 1994. I was not well recieved at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the forum host, when I brought up a bit from Mr. Burns. I quoted from the segment about the 1950s entitled “A Child of God.”

  4. I remember that — was it from Curt Flood’s recollections of playing in the segregated South? “They called me everything except a child of God.”

  5. Yes indeed. I thought the UN population gurus were doing something similar, seeing the world’s iuture infants as unwanted food consumers, a strain on resources, etc. Everthing but…

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