Rhino in Fall

Bessie (or Victoria), one of the rhino statues created by Katherine Lane Weems in the 1930s that grace the entrance to the Harvard Bio labs.

Image: Tim Sackton


7 responses to “Rhino in Fall

  1. To be followed, in the RINOs’ case, by lyin’ in winter.

  2. Mark, I think you can use that image in a proper post sometime in December–perhaps if Sen. Lisa Murkyosz [the preferred spelling for write in votes] manages to vote for some Dem-drafted monstrosity in the lame duck, let’s-bankrupt-the-country-while-we-still-can session of Congress.

  3. Have you seen how much fun James Taranto has been having the past few days with Lizza Murkylurky’s name over at Best of the Web? Hi. Larious.

  4. Robbo, Yes, I think there will be many. many spellings between now and November 2nd. Castle is a harder nut to crack that way, should he decide to go out in a blaze of write in loser glory.
    Mark, top this: http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/archives/21695

  5. Hello, Dali!

  6. James Taranto at the Wall Street Jornal seems to be up to the challenge of a Delaware Senate write in campaign:

    Write-In for Hassle, Right In for O’Donnell?
    Rep. Mike Hassle of Delaware, having lost the Republican Senate nomination to Christine O’Donnell, is thinking about following the lead of defeated Alaska Sen. Igor Stravinsky and waging a write-in candidacy. Politico reports that Hassle “is planning on polling a potential three-way Senate race,” although a spokeswoman said the chances he’ll run are “under 5%.”

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