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Happy St. Tammany’s Day!

With your lobster be sure to enjoy a Tammany Cocktail:

1 jigger Mount Gay Rum
1 jigger Dark Rum (e.g., Black Seal)
1 T Fresh Lemon Juice
1 T Fresh Lime Juice
Dash of sweet vermouth
1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice
2. Add ingredients.
Shake vigorously and
pour into a chilled cocktail glass.
Stir with a walrus tusk.

Image via Retronaut

History of a St. Tammany weathervane uncovered

Removing the modern black paint layer revealed the historic finish, earlier repairs, and bullet holes in this St. Tammany weathervane.

Merry Christmas!


Santa Claus on Broadway, 1902


Via Shorpy

Happy Thanksgiving

Via the Almanac of Theodore Roosevelt

Retro Cocktail Hour Halloween Spook-tacular 2011

“From Kansas Public Radio, an all new brew of finger-snappin’, hip-shakin’ monster melodies and spooky songs, served up straight from the space age bachelor pad.” (Free registration required)

Gettysburg Reunion, 1913

G.A.R veterans

On the spot where Gen. Sickles lost his leg

G.A.R and Confederate veterans at the encampment

The Blue and the Gray

Two Yanks and a Reb ~ Via Allan Janus

Through our great good fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Yucatan A Go Go – La Playa

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy St Tammany’s Day

“Donna makoo makoonos!
Kuikoo donna makoo;
Wawa nekoonos;
Guahee honigee.

“Ever sacred be this day, Genial morn of rosy May.

* * *

“Now each Sachem join hands round the Liberty Pole,
And briskly again pass the heart cheering bowl;
To Washington’s mem’ry, the chief of our train,
The full flowing goblet, repeated we’ll drain;
Then next to each chieftain, who fought, and who bled,
Let’s sing a Requiem and toast him, tho’ dead.

“For Tammany’s holy, Let’s fire a volley,
That hills, woods, and rocks may reply,
We’ll found him in powder,
Still louder and louder,
Till echo shall rend the blue sky.

“Ever sacred be this day, Genial morn of rosy May.

* * *

Excerpted from:

“Ode For Saint Tammany’s Day, May 1st, 1785.

(Written by Tenxogrondi, a Delaware Chief.)”

* * *

If you have your walrus tusk handy, join in the toast with a St Tammany Cocktail.

* * *

Image from History of the Tammany Society (1901)

The Feejee Mermaid

As advertised:

In real life:

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Images: Cryptomundo * Bowery Boys * Ripley’s