Sam Huff vs the Giants

sam huff vs giants

3 responses to “Sam Huff vs the Giants

  1. Sam Huff was my favorite defensive player of that era, despite complaints from many that he was only famous because the NY media hyped him. Jim Brown maintained that only Huff could stop him single-handed.

    Huff did play for the Redskins at the end of his career but I will always think of him as a Giant. Speaking of which, that is Giant halfback Alex Webster who is hurtling towards Huff in this photo…

  2. George, greetings ~ great pic, no? Sam Huff never forgave Allie Sherman for trading him, and Huff orchestrated one of the greatest displays ever of running up the score when the Skins subsequently played the Giants. Here’s a reminiscence from NFL Films:

  3. Merry Christmas, Mark! Those old NFL films are great and that one was really fun…

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