3 responses to “Bruins!

  1. Congrats, again!

    But in the words of Han Solo, “Great, kid, but don’t get cocky!”

    Success went to the heads of the Pats and Sawx rayther badly. I hope the Bruins don’t take the same path to the Dark Side.

  2. Agreed! We shall see if this spawns a legion of Bruins pink hats. I’ve actually been getting into the B’s all the more since the Sox — always my primary allegiance — have got rather over-done in recent years. Will be rooting for them from here on out this summer, though.

    As for the Pats, I have grown to quite dislike them. Am reminded of when the Mets in ’86 went from being the lovable alternative to the Yankees to *being* the Yankees. Speaking of the Dark Side, was that a Yankees hat in your softball team pic?

  3. Alas, it was. They assign each team in the league a MLB identity. We just happened to pull Noo Yawk this year. I only wear it for games, using my Nats hat at practices.

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