Plenty of good seats for everybody


3 responses to “Plenty of good seats for everybody

  1. For a second, I thought the name on the guy in the bottom right hand corner was Eddie Royal. And my first thought was, “Eddie Royal is much older and whiter than I remember”.

  2. I am sure there were times when Green Bay came close to losing its pro football team. Its looks as if the 2009 Providence pop. of 171,909 is much larger than Green Bay’s 101,025, but the 2009 “Metro” popoulation reported for Providence is perhaps 7 times larger than Green Bay’s. But, alas, your 1931 poster was from the Steam’s last season.

  3. Here is a rather fine rundown of the Steam Roller’s 1928 season when they prevailed over the Frankford Yellow Jackets for the NFL title.

    The Steam Roller finished 8-1-2 in the league with two non-league victories as well. The city threw a banquet the following Tuesday evening at the Hotel Biltmore that was attended by local dignitaries and 200 paying fans. In lieu of bonuses, each team member received a gold watch, and a cup was presented to Conzelman as MVP, an award voted by the players that was more akin to Coach of the Year since Jimmy didn’t play after his injury in Game 4. One of the speakers that evening was State Attorney General Charles P. Sisson. In congratulating the team, he said: “I think the day is coming when pro football, if it follows the example set by the Roller, will take its place with baseball as the great national professional sport.”

    Five Steam Rollers made the all-NFL team. Wildcat Wilson and Clyde Smith were granted first team honors, while Curly Oden, Milt Rehnquist, and Gus Sonnenberg were listed on the second team. On January 4, 1929, Sonnenberg reached an even higher athletic plateu when he beat Strangler Lewis in the new Boston Garden for the world heavyweight wrestling championship.

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