Bob Feller, RIP

Joining the Cleveland Indians in 1936, Feller became baseball’s biggest draw since Babe Ruth, throwing pitches that batters could barely see — fastballs approaching 100 miles an hour and curveballs and sinkers that fooled the sharpest eyes. He was Rapid Robert in the sports pages. As Yankees pitcher Lefty Gomez was said to have remarked after three Feller pitches blew by him, “That last one sounded a little low.” ~ New York Times


Des Moines Register * Cleveland Plain Dealer


3 responses to “Bob Feller, RIP

  1. I knew this was the place to come for a Feller Tribute. I loved that he spoke his mind as well even against the tide of popular opinion (who else would complain about Ali throughing out a pitch in the All Star Game).

  2. Mahons, good to hear from you ~ Merry Christmas!

  3. I miss those big windups.

    On an unrelated note-did Feller become an Old Guy at 35 or so? He always seemed to be decrying a world he could no longer dominate.

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