San Francisco Seals

Orange-crate label from Ben Sakoguchi’s Unauthorized History of Baseball.

Seals Stadium is now but a memory. According to Munsey & Suppes:

Rumor has it that in the 24-hour Safeway store located above Seals Stadium in San Francisco, the employees occasionally see the ghosts of former Seals players walking down the aisles late at night.


3 responses to “San Francisco Seals

  1. I’m imagining a whispering, disjointed voice coming out of the cereal aisle, saying “If you sell apples for $1.99/lb., they will come”. And Ray Liotta standing around squeezing tomatoes or something.

    What great artwork. I love stuff like that.

  2. Imagine Ping Bodie materializing in Baked Goods at three in the morning. Could be alarming.

  3. Less alarming than the Safeway checkers who are manning the store when I stop in there at 4:00 in the morning on my way to work cattle and who want to tell me their woes.

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