Say Hey

A poser for Steve M et al:

William Howard “Willie” Mays Jr. was named after his father.

For whom was William Howard Mays Sr. named?

(Image via the Gothamist)


2 responses to “Say Hey

  1. I think I recall William Howard Taft had a delightful role in the Mays family naming process. I have seen that photo cropped before. With the full view, it is fun to look at the spectator at the far left in the white pants and white shirt who was about to be rewarded for his apparent effort to lean over the fence to discover the fate of that fly ball.

  2. You are right! I am listening to the Willie Mays biography on audio and learned today that Mays Senior, born in 1911 when most blacks were staunch Republicans, was named for the portly and avuncular occupant of the White House.

    And it isn’t this a great perspective on the epic catch?

    Chesterfield had a vigorous ballpark presence in that age — see Braves Field.

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