Lefty Leid, Portland Green Sox, 1925

Via Maine Memory:

Lefty Leid, going for the fly ball, which he caught.

7 responses to “Lefty Leid, Portland Green Sox, 1925

  1. Giving in to a trust but verify impulse, I went looking on the internets (a) for more information about Lefty Leid and (b) in particular, for independent verification of the “which he caught” claim. I came up with absolutely nothing–about Lefty. Sometimes thats how it crumbles, cookie-wise.
    But I did stumble across a blog that looked like fun, and even a person of interest, RCBfA-wise.
    Check out this trumpeter: http://fatherbrownatleisure.blogspot.com/2010/05/blog-post_21.html

  2. I think we can say without being misunderstood that we dig her chops. Great name, too!

  3. Here they are: your 1925 Portland Green Sox.

  4. I will always be grateful that, largely through the wonders of Google, by looking for lefty I have discovered Ms. Tine Thing Helseth (pronounced Tin-eh Ting Hel-set). But I do regret that, except for his undoubted presence in that one additional team photo, Lefty Leid will remain as elusive as Moonlight Graham.

  5. On a related subject, we’ll be taking in one of the Sea Dog games against Bowie next week. Who’s good to watch for with the Dogs this year? Any stars down from the show for rehab or the like?

  6. Robbo, if you can, try to get to a game that Casey Kelly is pitching for the Sea Dogs. He’s the Red Sox’ top pitching prospect in the minors and I’d be interested to hear a report on him from the field.

    Say, according to the Bowie team’s website their rivals include the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Now that is a team name. Have you caught any Squirrels games yet?

  7. I have not, but I see they roll into Portland immediately after the Baysox. Perhaps we’ll catch them instead, just for the sake of the name.

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