Travis Louie: “Rooty”

Sometime in the late 1850s, after an unusually long, hard rain, a strange figure pulled himself out of the ground and began terrorizing a small mining town in Northern California. It wasn’t so much that he actually physically hurt anyone, . . .it was his unusual appearance combined with his high-pitched cackling and near constant mumbling, which caused such a strong vibration, it rattled window panes and interrupted many a conversation. He was nick-named “Rooty” because of the long root-like tendrils that protruded from the top of his misshapen head and the strong scent of ginseng that came from his body.

More of his ilk here.

Called to mind by Wenlock and Mandeville.

5 responses to “Travis Louie: “Rooty”

  1. Heh. Puts me in mind of the line Bugs Bunny once used while baiting Elmer or Yosemite Sam (I forget which): “DAA-Deee!! You’re home from Peru!””

  2. Oops! It was actually the one with Bugs and Wile E. Coyote – the one where Wile E. actually speaks.

    Damn this faulty memory of mine!

  3. Found the line here.

  4. Are you sure this isn’t the new mascot for the 2012 London Olympics?

  5. Reminds me of the dark ages:

    SoCal, late 1960’s, large amounts of clean, psychoactive drugs ingested in the live oak canyons or on the beaches amongst other whacked out hipsters whose countenances took on the look of Travis Louie “Rooty” and his compatriots under the influence of said drugs.

    Interesting daze, those…full of wonderment, joy and…some strange fears. Itza wonder those of us who survived aren’t all wearing tinfoil hats.


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