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American Liberty as Goddess of Youth

Edward Savage. Liberty in the Form of the Goddess of Youth, Giving Support to the Bald Eagle. Philadelphia: Edward Savage, June 11, 1796.

Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

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The Jury Box never has liked the spirit he perceives underlying the anti-immigration movement, and doesn’t like it now.

This space agrees with John Salmon:

Unlike most of my conservative brethren, I am not obsessed with illegal aliens-who, as it must be noted again and again, are not felons, even if AZ thinks they are. (Bet it doesn’t hold up in court).

Why would we think it is some kind of grave offense against mankind to want to improve the well-being of yourself and your family? As a Christian I am concerned about those who seem to want to seal the borders, as if that were possible, against the poor. I guess we Catholics are typically more open-minded than evangelicals on this point.

But with the amnesty-loathing crowd, it always comes back to BUT THEYRE HERE ILLEGALLY!

So what? Change the law. Make them legal. Make them pay taxes, and a small fine if you like. But make them Americans.

This is largely what America exists to do, to make opportunity available for the less-fortunate. My Grandfather (maternal) came over on a boat, from Italy, and included with his contingent were various “uncles” who were no such thing, but claimed to be, to evade immigration law. Is this a stain on my family’s history? Hardly.

All of these “relatives”, whatever their origin, made good on the American Dream. I think the vast bulk of Mexicans and others who come here want to do the same. What’s the problem?

The problem is that a lot of people just don’t want them here. This is the one area where liberals’ accusations of racism, so easily tossed about, make sense. As more than a few people have pointed out, were the illegals Canadian, I doubt there’d be much of an uproar.