Opening Day

The Opening Day baseball parade through town, past the mustard-colored house.

The 126 Self Storage Cardinals took on the Ashland Mini Storage Dodgers.

Go Cardinals!


5 responses to “Opening Day

  1. Very nice.

    We had our season kick-off parade a couple of weeks ago, being as we are further south.

    The eldest gel’s AAA softball team are the…….Yankees. On the one hand, as a coach, I still have trouble making myself put on the cap. On the other, we’re 5-0 headed into tonight, and I can’t help wondering if that has something to do with the logo we’re sporting. Have I made a bargain with the devil without knowing it?

  2. Robbo, as to infernal bargains: Old Scratch has been known to hang around the ballparks. (And you wonder why the Cubs haven’t won in a century.)

    We don’t have a Yankees team in our league, as far as I know. I remember my son’s old coach was pretty adamant that there shouldn’t be Yankees team in town because of the position in which it would place the kids named to it. (I think he argued they shouldn’t have Red Sox, either.) Anyway, my son said he wouldn’t play for the Yankees if such a team did exist and he were picked for it, so I am glad he is on the Cards.

    I might suggest trying to sneak out there wearing an old Giants cap but that would mess with your team’s mojo and you probably shouldn’t do anything to mess with a winning streak.

  3. D’oh! Like mentioning it!

    We blew an opportunity to put last night’s game away and the other team surged ahead.

    Nonetheless, we fought back with a two-out rally from the bottom of the order in the last inning to tie the game. Actually had the winning run at third when time was called.

    Very exciting, but frustrating, too, for both players and coaches.

  4. Robbo, our town’s youth softball program plays its games at a school down the street, and walking the dog the other night I caught the end of a game, which ended up called due to darkness. It was fun to watch and I think I’ll have to schedule future canine constitutionals to coincide with the softball schedule.

    Say, you can answer a longstanding question: Why is the infield in girls’ softball entirely made of dirt? It seems less pastoral.

  5. Agreed.

    At our home park they don’t do that because all the fields are used for baseball as well. But we sometimes play on a dirt diamond out in Great Falls. Couple weeks ago we had a game there with a wicked pissah wind coming in from the 3rd base line. Felt like Robbo of Arabia when I was out manning the pitching machine.

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