Beware of Octocoffee!

From Odd Old Ads, a Flickr set by LisaGenius

Via Ye Olde Evening Telegraph


8 responses to “Beware of Octocoffee!

  1. This picture has just been printed out and stuck up over our 12-cup coffee-maker.

  2. A young Liz Taylor being attacked by an octopus bearing coffee? What would Freud say?

  3. Interesting. From the Myths-Dreams-Symbols online dictionary:

    Octopus: a symbol for your mother or mother-attachment

  4. Coffee – Stimulation; habits.

  5. Goddess – a source of higher wisdom or energy; the father/mother functioning aspect of self; your true self or creative self; your spiritual self; harmony in your life

    Actress – A role you are playing in your waking life. Not the ‘real’ you, wish fulfillment. You wear a mask in the social world, acting out unconscious intentions developed from childhood and early life experiences. A desire to be noticed.

  6. # Wife The wife in a man’s dream may be his own wife, with no symbolism at all.
    # Even so, bear in mind that the way you relate to your wife {in the dream or in reality} may contain elements of your relation with your mother or your anima.

    Hmmm. It appears this ad may have a lot to do with how you feel about your mother.

  7. Ummmm, there is a problem here.

    The “octocoffee” monster only has five tentacles.

    Does this prove that too much coffee causes birth defects and/or has he lost them whilst attacking young, unsuspecting Gibson girls, whose finishing school training includes classes in self-defense against cephalopods.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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