Quote of the Day

I’m not necessarily a fan of litmus tests, but if you’re going to pick one for character, love of baseball strikes me as a pretty durn good one. ~ Robbo

Above: Dizzy Dean, 1934


4 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. What did Red Smith say-only the dull think baseball is dull?

    I’d give my eye-teeth for a chance to climb inside The Way Back Machine and see Ol’ Diz square off against Satchel Paige in one of their barnstorming games. I also want to go back to 1959 or so to Birdland to see Maynard Ferguson and Miles Davis at Birdland, but that’s another story

  2. Hot-tub time-machine?

    Here’s a pic for you.

  3. Great pic.

    On the “hot tub”-didn’t one climb into the Wayback Machine on the Rocky the Flying Squirrel show? That was a great show, BTW.

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