Krao, the Missing Link

It was claimed she had prehensile feet.

She passed away a week before Zip. From Time, April 26, 1926:

As it must to all men, death came last week to Krao Farini, “the missing link,” who had a long black beard and monkey hands. She died of influenza in Manhattan (where she was with Ringlings’ circus).

A German professor named Farini found Krao in Siam in 1883. Mountaineers declared that the devil in the shape of a baboon had frightened her mother before her confinement. Intrigued by the story and charmed by the gentle manners of the bearded girl, her shy looks and silences, Professor Farini took her to Berlin and had her finely educated. But evil fortune fell on him; he was forced to place his ward in the Brandenburg Dime Museum in Philadelphia, where she was first exhibited.

She had no cartilage in her nose. Hair covered her body and grew monkey-wise (up instead of down) on her arms and legs.

She had cheek-pouches in which she could carry food. Her fingers would bend until they lay flat on the back of her hand. She had two marmosets which she fondled like children, and indeed they bore a noticeable resemblance to her; they would sit in her lap, gazing with sad eyes into her underslung face. She spent her spare time crocheting, but she read widely and spoke four languages. Cultivated people were astonished when they talked with her.


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