Destroy This Mad Brute

This long has been one of the Jury Box’ favorite Great War propaganda posters.

Kong here could be a modern-day Tea Partier, no?

A CBS News survey finds that 62 percent of Americans (among them 41 percent of Democrats) support GOP congressional efforts to challenge the healthcare bill. To judge from the recent coverage by CBS News and other media outlets, apparently this means two in three Americans are racist astroturfing knuckledragging brownshirts.

The Jury Box does find it interesting that in the bad old days of the Bush Administration, whenever an actual front group like International ANSWER staged an “anti-war” rally, the media tended to focus not on the foaming anarchists with the “Bushitler is a War Criminal” signs (or worse), but on the odd mild-mannered librarian from Peoria who had boarded a bus for Washington to take part in her first peace rally. Dissent is patriotism, right?

Now though, to go by the news reports, you would think someone like Amy Kane, when not blogging or recording School Committee minutes in her New Hampshire town, is receiving marching orders from the shadowy cabal that controls right-wing militia groups.

John Hinderaker at Power Line writes:

The current threats (assuming they are real, as I assume some of them are) are being played up in the press because the Democrats want to dampen the anger that has erupted over their adoption of a government medicine program through a series of legislative maneuvers that are in some respects unprecedented. It is important for the Democrats and their press minions to understand that there are many millions of Americans who regard Obamacare not just as misguided public policy, but as an illegitimate usurpation of power. I am one of the many millions who are outraged at the Left’s attempt to destroy the private health care system that has served my family so well, and who regard Obamacare as illegitimate.

In large part, the current focus on threats of violence is aimed at the tea partiers, just as they were accused, apparently falsely, of racism. It is not hard to understand the Democrats’ motives; the tea parties are the most vital force, and likely the most popular force, in American politics, so smearing them is mandatory. But anyone who has attended a tea party rally will consider laughable the idea that the movement somehow tends toward violence.


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  1. The shadowy cabal wanted me to let you know I had the opportunity to link this post again today.

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