The Cave-In

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Stupak:

“We have an agreement … to protect the sanctity of life … ”

Well, no, it doesn’t.

This press conference is being held in a fog of delusion. The executive order is not binding.

I think we’re witnessing Bart Stupak write the obit for the concept of the “pro-life Democrat.”

Jennifer Rubin on Stupak:

In the list of deceptions and worm-like maneuvers, this one ranks up there. No, you haven’t forgotten your basic civics. An executive order cannot countermand a statute passed by Congress and signed by the president. If ObamaCare says, “We will subsidize abortion,” no executive order can effectively say, “but not really.” And if it were so, then every pro-choice member of Congress who is voting for this is deceiving the public by voting to “preserve reproductive choice.” Certainly Rep. Bart Stupak and his cohorts know this. He and his gang of seven or so are now simply looking for cover to sell out. Just as Sen. Ben Nelson voted for a measure that plainly didn’t preserve the Hyde Amendment, so too we see the Stupak Gang willing to use the skimpiest of fig leaves to hide their willingness to abandon principle.

Let’s be clear: the pro-life movement will never fall for this, and Stupak and his ilk will be the subject of his pro-life constituents’ ire. If he pushes this through, he will become the poster boy for the anti-incumbent, anti-ObamaCare campaign this November. And he will have earned that honor.

The Susan B Anthony List on the meaningless Executive Order:

“An executive order on abortion funding would do nothing to fix the problems presented by the current health care reform legislation that the House is considering today. The very idea is a slap in the face to the pro-life movement and should be offensive to all pro-life Members of Congress. An executive order can be rescinded at any time at the President’s whim. The courts could and have a history of trumping executive orders.

“If this was a sincere attempt to meet pro-life concerns then you would hear the cry of pro-choice Members and groups. Rather Rep. Diana Degette, co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus told The Huffington Post on Saturday that ‘If there was an executive order saying they weren’t going to use federal funds in the bill to pay for abortions that would be fine with me, because we’ve stipulated to that even though we don’t like it, That’s the compromise we came to way back in July.’

“In the end, no pro-life Member of Congress could, in good conscience, play politics with the lives of hundreds of unborn children. If they do, there will be a quick downhill slide to defeat on Election Day.”

The National Right to Life Committee on the worthless Executive Order:

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) remains strongly opposed to the Senate-passed health bill (H.R. 3590). A lawmaker who votes for this bill is voting to require federal agencies to subsidize and administer health plans that will pay for elective abortion, and voting to undermine longstanding pro-life policies in other ways as well. Pro-life citizens nationwide know that this is a pro-abortion bill. Pro-life citizens know, and they will be reminded again and again, which lawmakers deserve their gratitude for voting against this pro-abortion legislation.

The executive order promised by President Obama was issued for political effect. It changes nothing. It does not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill. The president cannot amend a bill by issuing an order, and the federal courts will enforce what the law says.

Pollster Pat Caddell:

“Look, the people who are opposing this are holding tea parties. The Democrats are holding a Kool-Aid party. This is political Jonestown.”

Vote Benishek for Congress.

Image: Library of Congress


7 responses to “The Cave-In

  1. Here is how the current occupant of the White House plans on handling the whole abortion issue:

    It is a ploy to bypass the Hyde amendment with more bureaucratic horse pucky

  2. Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser said the group was revoking its “Defender of Life” award to Stupak, which was to be awarded at its Wednesday night gala.

    “We were planning to honor Congressman Stupak for his efforts to keep abortion-funding out of health care reform. We will no longer be doing so,” Dannenfelser said. “Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this health care bill can no longer call themselves ‘pro-life.’”


    Love how she threw O’s Let Me Be Clear….

    Oh and I dug this up…

    WASHINGTON, D.C., August 20, 2009 ( – In a conference call with faith leaders yesterday, President Obama said it was a “fabrication” and “untrue” that his health care legislation involved “government funding of abortions.” In a call during which the president used multiple Biblical references to criticize opponents of his healthcare plan, the president said, “You’ve heard that this is all going to mean government funding of abortion. Not true. These are all fabrications that have been put out there in order to discourage people from meeting what I consider to be a core ethical and moral obligation – and that is that we look out for one another, that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper.”

    Obama charged that there are some who are “bearing false witness” by spreading “misinformation” about his healthcare plan.

  3. Hubris. “Audacity.”

    Everything I Ever Needed to Know About What Happens Next I Learned By Reading Great Classical Tragedies.

  4. Amy, the word that keeps coming to my mind as a description of the congressional Dems is “feckless.”

  5. Elk,
    I will withhold the litany of epithets that are currently coursing their way through my conscious mind. They are coarse and crude, some would make the proverbial Sailor Blush comment ring true… And will require an extended session in the confessional come Maundy Thursday. (Yes, we Anglicans do believe in the right of confession.)

  6. When my 16-year-old daughter got home from school and tennis, I quizzed her on whether any of her teachers talked about this “bill” and what they said because I darn well was going to pick up the phone and make a few calls (for once) if any of the usual indoctrination was taking place. Surprisingly subdued reactions and avoidance of comments and enthusiasm by teachers and students today, hm.

    So then I explained to her about the “bill” and what was wrong about it and the process and who Stupak was. My daughter is full of plain common sense and never needs prompting to notice the emperor and whether or not he is wearing any clothes at that particular moment.

    She said, “What, you mean people will be forced to pay for other people’s abortions? Abortions are a choice. They’re not necessary to save someone’s life. And it’s wrong to make someone pay for something someone else wants, especially if it’s against their beliefs.”

    Nail head, meet Laura the hammer.

  7. Did Stupak ever hear of Pontius Pilate?

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