Baby Doll Jacobson

William Chester Jacobson got his nickname after a game in Mobile, Ala., when he hit a lead-off home run while the band was playing “Oh, You Beautiful Doll.”

He played outfield for the 1922 St. Louis Browns, the best team the lowly Browns ever had. For most of their 52-year history the Brownies were American League cellar-dwellers. An exception was 1922, a year in which the Browns led the league in batting, slugging, runs, triples, stolen bases, walks, strikeouts, saves and earned run average. Their best hitter, George Sisler, batted .420. Their ace spitballer, Urban Shocker, won 24 games. Yet they still finished second, by one game, to the Yankees.

As a book about the team observes: Sometimes life isn’t fair.


One response to “Baby Doll Jacobson

  1. And sometimes it is, Shocker. Play Ball!

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