Historic walrus tusk stolen from TR home

Authorities are investigating the theft of a 15-inch walrus tusk from Theodore Roosevelt’s historic home at Sagamore Hill.

Perhaps the thief needed something to stir his Tammany cocktail. ODT comments: “Let me look in the Tory liquor cabinet.”


One response to “Historic walrus tusk stolen from TR home

  1. Out here in the provinces…the “fly-over” country, we tend to drink beer, whiskey and wine…in that order. Cocktails are fine for the visitor and the “special” guests.
    We tend to like our liquor straight and honest.

    Good light lagers and IPA’s inna summer, darker ales, porters and stouts as the year turns dark.

    Scotch and Irish and good Bourbon whiskey is a treat. There are a couple of local distillers who are beginning to crack some 10 year old casks.

    Where there are fruit trees….there are vineyards. We have plenty, thank you.

    As for Teddy’s walrus……….tusk? Sure now, he would have used the “Emporer” or 7th point from a grand bull Wapiti were he dining at the Brown Palace with the “Unsinkable” Molly herself.


    He would have shot the grand elk himself.

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