“Crisis in Washington”

“Mr Coolidge refuses point blank to vacate the White House until his other rubber is found”

~ Gluyas Williams, Life, 1929 ~ Library of Congress

A Gallery: Illustrated by Gluyas Williams

Edward Sorel, American Heritage: The World of Gluyas Williams

5 responses to ““Crisis in Washington”

  1. Old Dominion Tory

    A delightful way to end the day, Mr. Elk. Reminds me to dig out my copy of Joseph Sobel’s bio of Coolidge–after, of course, I make some progress through the pile of Lincoln-related books that abound in the Tory residence.

  2. ODT, do they celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday at VMI? I am sure you see to it that things are done right!

  3. Speaking of Silent Cal this image from Life would be just the thing for blowing up and hanging around the house, or making a mask to go as Coolidge to a costume party.

  4. Old Dominion Tory

    For my part, I gave Honest Abe prominence in my morning lecture, and I am sporting my Emancipation Proclamation necktie:

    Also, “Lincoln and Liberty” now is blaring from my office computer speakers soon to be followed by “We are coming, Father Abraham.”
    Mrs. Tory and I will be enjoying a lovely Lincoln Day luncheon as well.

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