Joe McCarthy’s sleeves

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Most people in New England remember the baseball Joe McCarthy for one thing, and that is starting Denny Galehouse in the 1948 playoff against the Indians. Jury Box recalls him also in connection with a sartorial question mark. Was he the last manager to wear long sleeves?

McCarthy settled on the fashion early and stuck with it through his years as manager of the Cubs and the Yankees. It was a pretty classic look in pinstripes.

Back when watching Hawaii 5-0 was an afternoon ritual the Jury Box had a theory as to why Steve McGarrett always wore long-sleeve Hawaiian shirts, and that was that he was trying to hide a tattoo, or perhaps needle marks, from an unfortunate past. Well if Joe McCarthy wore long sleeves it wasn’t because he was shooting up. The barleycorn was his poison.

You might say Joe McCarthy was the William Frawley of baseball, but it perhaps would be more accurate to say William Frawley (at right) was the Joe McCarthy of acting.

Above: Rhubarb, 1949 * Life Archive

Red Sox pitchers and catchers report in 11 days.


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