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Mister Brown Goes to Washington

To be sworn in today.

Howie Carr: Let me be blunt – the sooner Scott is sworn in, the worse the moonbats will feel, and that will make my day.

Michael Barone: Edmund Burke meets Jimmy Burke

Image: Steve Breen, San Diego Union-Tribune

Ways to get in the gridiron spirit for Super Sunday

Plot out crock-pot chili. Maybe guacamole? Bean-dip recipes welcome.

Peruse 1960s Redskins media guides while waiting for Sammy Baugh jersey to arrive.

Reflect on the pride of Edna Gas, W.V., Hall of Fame middle linebacker-turned-radio broadcaster Sam Huff:

Sam’s smile, congeniality and squeaky voice belie the linebacker CBS News once miked up for a feature called, “The Violent World of Sam Huff.” He is still gruff, tough and mean enough to drop a fan. Honest.

Two Octobers ago in Chicago, Sam says, a fan “was flippin’ a towel around outside the booth. And he was drinkin’. ” Sam asked the man, who was with two other inebriated louts, to abstain from obstructing the announcers’ view. [Play-by-play announcer Larry] Michael remembered the guy calling Huff an “old man,” prefacing it with a profanity.

“The other guy shoves a big jug of beer in my face and this guy starts climbing in the booth,” Sam said. Huff responded the way he always has: he threw a roundhouse right. “I just missed him,” he says. “If I had hit him straight on, I would have killed him.”

At that point, Sam was informed by the enraged fan that he was from West Point, he had killed people and he had planned to kill Sam.

“Threatening me!” Sam says, incredulously. “I said, ‘Come in the booth and we’ll see who leaves alive. I could handle you. I don’t care if you graduated from West Point.’ ”

The fracas lasted three full minutes, until the man pounded a glass partition with his West Point ring and bloodied his finger. When security arrived, they found [color analyst] Sonny [Jurgensen] soaked in beer, too. The fans were jailed and Sam was asked if he wanted to press charges.

“Aw, let ’em go,” he said. “They’re just fans.”

Image: Life Archive