Bully! Porter

Now that is a label.

The Jury Box encourages St. Louis readers: Forget Bud. Drink Boulevard.


5 responses to “Bully! Porter

  1. The Kansas City arm of the Lundquist Clan introduced us to the delights of Boulevard brews.

    I am partial to the Porter.

  2. Sven, I found the story about Boulevard via the Narragansett blog. Gansett, too, is carrying the regional banner against the bland, corporate and mass-produced. Here’s to the small and local.

    Oh, did you notice your avatar resembles a crab creature from a Japanese monster movie?

  3. Elk,
    Not certain where the avatar came from. I posted, it appeared… Go figure!

    Colorado’s Front Range is populated with a multitude of microbrewers. Some sell only at their brewery. Some bottle and market region or nation wide. Our mayor, Hizzoner, John Hickenlooper, was a pioneer in the micro-brew industry. He opened up the Wynkoop Brewery in the mid-eighties:

    A few of the better known and their flagship brew:

    – New Belgium (Fat Tire amber ale)
    – Breckenridge (Avalanche pale ale)
    – Mad Dog (Road Dog porter)
    – Odell’s (90 Schilling pale ale)

    AND…my favorite, Golden’s second largest brewery:
    – Golden City (Mad Molly’s brown ale)

    There are a myriad of microbrewers all across the state, some good, some GREAT! Most are located in the mountain resort towns.

    …sigh…so many beers, so little time.

  4. New Belgium is pretty darn good, as is Odells. 90 Schilling is a classic.

    I’ve never heard of Golden City. I’ll have to look for that.

  5. Yeoman,
    Unless you are a long time resident of the Front Range and know Golden (home of Adolph Coors), y’all don’t know about Golden City Breweryhttp://www.gcbrewery.com/Home_Page.php

    They are provincial….killer brewers. They sell to students at the Colorado School of Mines and a couple of small distributors out of their lil’ neighborhood brewery.

    Reminds me of what Tolkien’s “ Green Dragon” must have been

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