Off to the Beanpot tonight

College Hockey: View of gang fight on ice after the game ended.

Photo: Life, 1951


3 responses to “Off to the Beanpot tonight

  1. BC wins…yipiee. (Not sure if I have spelled that correctly.) Amazing that the Feb. 8th match up was the 250th hockey game between BC and BU. Over the long haul, BU still owns the Beanpot (one spectator last night reportedly had a sign “Its Not the Beanpot, Its the JackPot” in honor of BU’s Mr. Parker). But good things have been known to happen to BC in years they win the Beanpot. We shall see.

  2. Yes, congrats to BC. We Terrier rooters mustn’t get greedy about these things!

  3. I think it would be perfectly fine to pass the national championship up and down Comm Ave for a few more years, with no hard feelings. I just hope that BC can increase its winning percentage once it gets to the title game.

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