Of Note

Curious Expeditions: Incredible Moon Hoax of the 1830s * Compendium of beautiful libraries

Dr: Boli: “The Pallbearers’ Cakewalk” and other musical “Gems from the Garfield Assassination”

The Art of Manliness: Make your own Bay Rum

Times Archive Blog: Did Napoleon murder Toussaint L’Ouverture?

Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society: The Jesuit who pitched for the Tigers

Georgian London: On castrati * On the importance of foundation garments

The Port Stands at your Elbow: A tribute to Priscilla Lane, who is right up there with Joan Leslie on the Jury Box’s list.

Sports Illustrated Vault: At 101, Hamilton Fish a golden oldie in every way (11/5/90)

Image: Hamilton Fish catches up on the news, 1942 * From the Life Photo Archive


8 responses to “Of Note

  1. Old Dominion Tory

    If you want more from Mr. Fish’s service in World War I, please read his first-hand account in the book, “Make the Kaiser Dance.”
    Great stuff.

  2. Interesting posters in the window above Rep. Fish: Soft Ball, Lowell Thomas. I see from looking around the internets that Lowell Thomas had a book in 1940, “Softball, So What?” about a celebrity softball team (including Babe Ruth) that he organized in the 1930s. But the 1942 date for the photo seems late for a book promotion. Hmmm…
    Also, you can see Hamilton Fish as one of the “witnesses” whose interview snippets are interspersed thoroughout the film “Reds.”

  3. Steve, if you click on the pic to see the large version you can get a little better look at the poster, an advertisement for a softball doubleheader, apparently featuring Lowell Thomas and Nine Old Men against Ham Fish’s Statesmen (if I discern correctly).

  4. Now it all fits–the book I referred to is about the Thomas-run “Nine Old Men,” including Ruth, Gene Tunney and other notables. I guess this means there were a whole bunch of softball teams out there–tied to various notables. The Lowell Thomas 9 used to play an FDR-organized team. I doubt there were FDR vs. Ham Fish team competions–but who knows?

  5. Here’s gem from one of Obama’s economic advisers as well as the shortest member of Clinton’s administration, Robert Reich -from Big Journalism:

    Former Obama economic advisor, Clinton Secretary of Labor, and Berkely Prof. Robert Reich claimed yesterday in his column at Salon.com that Fox News played a role in the conservative resurgence of 1994:

    In December 1994, Bill Clinton proposed a so-called middle-class bill of rights including more tax credits for families with children, expanded retirement accounts, and tax-deductible college tuition. Clinton had lost his battle for healthcare reform. Even worse, by that time the Dems had lost the House and Senate. Washington was riding a huge anti-incumbent wave. Right-wing populists were the ascendancy, with Newt Gingrich and Fox News leading the charge. Bill Clinton thought it desperately important to assure Americans he was on their side.

    But Prof. Reich overlooked one minor detail: Fox News Channel’s first broadcast wasn’t until October 7, 1996.

    The plan for FNC wasn’t even outlined until January of 1996, so what could explain such a patently false claim? Is the professor suggesting that even in 1994, Fox News’ imminence did in fact play a role in the political upheaval of that year? Or is this a moment where Fox Derangement Syndrome enters the realm of full-blown paranoia?

    Either way, where was Salon on this one to save Reich from himself? And would Prof. Reich tolerate fact-checking this poor from his college students?

  6. Old Dominion Tory

    I wonder if Dr. Reich realizes that his historical knowledge is on par with Joe Biden’s.

  7. I wonder if his students do…

  8. Old Dominion Tory

    A clear indication of that realization will be widespread requests for tuition refunds alums of Brandeis and other places where he has taught is teaching.
    Perhaps this fevered assertion can be put down to the fact that he now teaches at UC Berserkley. This could be an attempt by the good Dr. to attain some “street cred” among his foamy-mouthed, Bush-hating colleagues.

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