‘Big Ed Delahanty’

The Swat King was solidly sauced again
so the conductor kicked him off the train
near Niagara Falls. The last words he said:
“Don’t care if I’m in Canada or dead”
and headed across the bridge, staggering.

He could knock a ball in two with his swing
but on the road Big Ed’s Mom came with him.
(He liked to cry “suicide” on a whim
and one time he even turned on the gas.)

Delahanty was a pain in the ass
but he didn’t deserve to be found drowned
at the bottom of the Falls. His renown.

One of the big mysteries in baseball.
Was he pushed from the bridge or did he fall?

~ “Big Ed Delahanty,” from “Fair Territory,” by Jilly Dybka

Image: Library of Congress


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