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7 responses to “Front Page News

  1. Nice roundup! Got a favorite?

    Just a moment ago via Twitter: Ben Smith at Politico wrote “Boston Herald sold out everywhere.”

  2. I do like the Boston Herald. The Patriot-Ledger isn’t bad either, with the confetti and the block headline about sweeping the South Shore. I didn’t include the Fall River paper but it had a good line about Coakley carrying the Spindle City.

  3. Oh and the NYT is fun: not only does the Girl with the Curious Hand appear to be imitating a fountain, but there are all these ’50s-style movie-goers below the fold wearing 3D glasses. One for the time-capsule.

  4. I was sorry the NY Post had a pic of Obama rather than Brown. There’s a lot of hijacking today of the meaning of this election, taking it out of Massachusetts context.

  5. Did Cosmo give him the cover for this?P.S. I am glad he won, Coakley is a horror show.

  6. Mahons, like the lobster avatar!

  7. Elk – It seems to have been assigned to me. Perhaps because on a conserative website both the lobster and I are traife.

    In any event, great lead up and celebration of Senator-elect Brown’s campaign and victory. I’m hope he takes the opportunity and does well.

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