What to drink tonight while watching the returns?

I’m thinking Harpoon would be appropriate: Leviathan, beware!

(Besides, there’s already a box of it in the fridge.)

A question to our readers:

With what would you toast (oh, we most devoutly hope) Keith Olbermann’s head exploding?

The Jury Box welcomes your suggestions.


20 responses to “What to drink tonight while watching the returns?

  1. Old Dominion Tory

    I’ll be drinking Bowman Brothers small-batch bourbon from the Bowman Distillery (here: http://www.asmithbowman.com/bowman_brothers.aspx) before my customary Election Night steak dinner.
    After the hearty red I drink with dinner, I’ll wait until the results are announced–and smoke shoots straight out Olbermann’s ears–to open the champagne currently chilling in the fridge at home. If Brown hits 55% (landslide territory), I’ll open a second bottle with Mrs. Tory.

    (ODT, the link wasn’t working on my end ~ Does this one? And how is the small batch Colonial era rum? — Ed.)

  2. Guinness.

  3. I have friends who are (i) big champagne lovers and (ii) are planning a party to watch the returns–in London. For their sake I hope it is a landslide and a damn quick one.
    My choice will also have bubbles. Alas, I am recovering from the flu (I blame Bush!), so I am afraid its ginger ale. I do expect to watch Olberman tonight–I assume this was just a warm up pitch: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/01/19/olbermann_scott_brown_is_a_racist_teabagging_ex-nude_model.html

  4. No reason to drink : The Globe has already called it for Coakley,


  5. Old Dominion Tory

    A little wishful thinking from the guys and gals on Morrisey Blvd., methinks.
    Another reason to vote for Brown: The utter discomforture of the Globe editorial staff if Brown wins.

  6. If Brown wins, Olbermann will be a no-show, like he was during the GOP victories in NJ and the Other Commonwealth. Amongst his portfolio of demerits is moral cowardice in the face of defeat.

    While Old Dominion Tory has me emerald with envy, I have to be a wet blanket and remind everyone that it’s still a school night. Thus, a couple of glasses of tasty red are perfectly appropriate in both color and taste should Mr. Brown become Senator-elect Brown.


  7. Old Dominion Tory

    On Robert E. Lee’s birthday, one simply must have some whiskey from the Old Dominion, don’t you think?

  8. Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, best brown ale in the Northeast.

  9. What is the preferred beverage to quaff while watching Keith Olbermann’s head explode (Oh fervent wish, that!)? Despite my Irishness, I drink little-for me, the consumption of alcohol is primarily a spectator sport-I like to watch other people make fools of the themselves, instead of the way things typically are-but I’d down many a fermented beverage should Brown return the People’s Republic of MA to the Union.

  10. My fellow evil Empire fan, Katherine Jean Lopez at NationalReview, just mentioned that she would be willing to wear a Red Sox cap tomorrow if the Bay State delivers–except that she does not possess said headgear. (Intrade is cuurently 70% that she will get a delivery to fill out her wardrobe.) I can say the same–I would wear a Red Sox cap tomorrow if only I had one (my BC cap might work, but I wore that many times while it was still literally Kennedy’s seat.) Anyways, the National Review comment reminds me of this:

    I’d tip my hat to you, I’d do just that
    Take it right off for you, but I haven’t got a hat
    I’m just a college boy, even at that
    I’d tip my hat to you, but I haven’t got a hat
    I’m really not a sap, it’s plain to see
    But if I wore a cap, they’d never let me back in the University
    I think you’re swell, I do, I’m standing pat
    I’d tip my hat to you, but I haven’t got a hat!

    I HAVEN’T GOT A HAT (Freleng-1935)

  11. Me thinks Alaska Pale Ale… In honor of the color running out of B. Frank’s face accompanying that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

  12. Steve, in honor of the day, no matter who wins, I’m wearing my old, prison-made Massachusetts license plate.

  13. Harpoon is a good start… and Samuel Adams is an appropriate nod to the Commonwealth’s history.

  14. Coakley just had her Dan Rather moment -from Gateway Pundit:

    Here’s the latest disgraceful move from the Coakley Campaign.

    While she was out holding a campaign rally at the Martin Luther King Breakfast yesterday, her campaign staff was preparing a press release blaming Republicans of voter fraud.

    Via Red Mass Group- Notice the date is from yesterday Monday January 18.

    For Immediate Release: January 18, 2010

    Contact: Alex Zaroulis (617) 549-0358

    Campaign Manager Kevin Conroy:
    We’ve received several independent and disturbing reports of voters across the state being handed ballots that are already marked in favor of Scott Brown. This is obviously a serious violation, and our legal team is taking immediate steps to protect the integrity of this election.

    We do not yet know why this is happening, but you and everyone you know needs to be aware of the situation so that you can carefully inspect your ballot. If a vote has already been marked, you must return the ballot to the elections official, demand a clean ballot, and call our Voter Protection Hotline at 617-351-6866.

    Pajamas Media has more on yestersday’s press release today.

    Related… No one’s using the coat check at Coakley’s Campaign headquarters.

    UPDATE: The Scott Brown Camp responded to the accusations:

    Reports that the Coakley campaign is making reckless accusations regarding the integrity of today’s election is a reminder that they are a desperate campaign. In fact, news reports point out that today’s accusation was a pre-dated, in the bag political attack.

  15. Some amusing reading from Ben Smith at Politico while waiting for the returns:

    Democratic Party responds to Coakley memo: ‘Political malpractice’

    A senior Democratic Party official responded furiously today to a memo from a Coakley adviser arguing that the national party bears a large share of blame for failing to support her financially and sticking her with unpopular policies on health care and Afghanistan.

    The official writes:

    This memo is a pack full of lies and fantasies — The DNC and the DSCC did everything they were asked and have been involved in the race for several weeks, not just the last one.

    The campaign failed to recognize this threat, failed to keep Coakley on the campaign trail, failed to create a negative narrative about Brown, failed to stay on the air in December while he was running a brilliant campaign. It’s wishful thinking from a pollster, candidate and campaign team that were caught napping and are going to allow one of the worst debacles in American political history to happen on their watch that they are at the 11th hour are going to blame others.

    Before the DNC and DSCC got involved there was barely a single piece of paper on what the narrative is on Brown. The candidate in this race and the campaign have been involved in the worst case of political malpractice in memory and they aren’t going to be able to spin themselves out of this with a memo full of lies.

    ALSO: An administration official e-mails: “Last I checked, Fenway Park is not in Afghanistan.”

  16. Town-by-town results continuously updated. Cheers!

  17. AP calls it for Brown. Coakley reportedly has conceded.

  18. Cookly just Conceded! Once I finish this tankard of Alaska Pale Ale, I’m going to skip around the block, in the 4 degree heat while spilling the even better suggestion of Samuel Adams. Great Job all you right thinking people of Massachusetts! It’s nice to have you back!

  19. It’s OVER? I didn’t get a chance to drink.

  20. I was too lazy to go out and buy Old Brown Dog, so I went for a beer in brown bottles – Red Stripe. Cheers to Massachusetts voters. Your energy, engagement and enthusiasm has been an inspiring example for the other 49 states (I hope).

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