‘There are a lot of ‘broken-glass’ voters in this state’

From the Campaign Spot at NRO:

From a reader near the Cape: “The weather this morning in eastern Massachusetts is brutal. Cold rain, gale-force winds. Wish the election were today! And guess what I saw while driving out to get some bagels? Twenty Brown supporters at an intersection, braving the elements, trying to hold onto their signs. There are a lot of ‘broken-glass’ voters in this state these days.”

Amy Kane: Weather Report

(Image: NY Public Library Digital Gallery)


5 responses to “‘There are a lot of ‘broken-glass’ voters in this state’

  1. Old Dominion Tory

    Moments ago, I expressed a hope that the Brown voters would stay motivated for the next day and a half. Looks like that won’t be a problem in one area at least.
    I think this enthusiasm reflects years of frustration by many Mass. voters at being taken for granted by the Massachusetts Democrats and fleeced to support the establishment that Howie Carr calls the “Hack-o-rama.” They have a chance–a very good chance–to strike back at the arrogant politicians and condescending news media (think Morrisey Blvd.), and they are making the most of it.

  2. Mark,
    A Bay State friend, asked by me for his reaction to the campaign, just wrote back:
    “The atmosphere reminds me more of a sporting event than an election. A lot of people have the same feeling that they had in 2004 when the Sox had the great comeback.”
    Without getting into the fact that the 2004 “great comeback” looked a bit different from my perspective, do you have any reaction to this comparison? Have others been making this comment?

  3. Steve, that is just the comparison I’d make ~ The feeling around here has been similar to that of a Super Bowl or World Series. Curt Schilling said the same thing at the big Brown rally yesterday:

    “This to me feels like the clubhouse on the morning of Game Seven,” said Schilling. “We know we’re going to win, but we have to play the game anyway . . . Rarely do we feel like we get a chance to make a difference. This is one of those times and we cannot miss this opportunity.”

    Steve, it’s a refreshing departure that you and I are rooting for the same team this time!

  4. Mark, Indeed, and nice that Doug Flutie (who I last recall stumping for Hillary Clinton) and I are on the same team too. If I am to stay with a baseball analogy, I would say that I am hoping that tomorrow night will remind me of my feeling at the end of Game 7 of the American League Championship Series…of 2003.

  5. Old Dominion Tory

    The Weekly Standard is reporting some jaw-dropping numbers. A poll performed for Politico has Brown with a nine-point lead over Coakley (52-43). Even more heartening are some of the comments from the pollsters–e.g., “The bottom is falling out. . . ” “[Coakley] is in free fall.” “The race is imploding for her.”
    The Standard also is reporting that another poll shows Brown’s support among women to be strengthening, albeit within the margin of error. It also gives, however, Brown a solid 52% of the vote with Coakley trailing at 45%.

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