Codfish Revolution

On Cape Ann, the Gloucester Daily Times endorses Scott Brown:

In contrast to those Democrats who fervently believe that government should be in charge of everything, Brown has faith in the ability of private enterprise to get the economy back on the right track.

Unlike Coakley, he believes terrorists who have declared war on the United States, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, should be treated as enemy combatants, rather than criminals entitled to expensive “show trials” funded by U.S. taxpayers.

Brown is the kind of Republican — fiscally conservative, but generally middle-of-the-road on social issues in the Ed Brooke-Bill Weld mold — Massachusetts voters have endorsed in the past with good results.

He says he’s running to give people a choice. And if elected, he would be on the ballot again in 2012 when Kennedy’s six-year term was due to expire.

In this special election, residents of Massachusetts can send a clear message that the scatterbrained, deficit-fueled approach to problems seen in Washington to date is not the kind of change people voted for in 2008.

They can do that by electing Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.

On the other Cape, the Cape Cod Times also endorses Brown.

These days the Globe‘s political coverage tends to be so partisan and predictable that the online comments in response are more engaging and informative than the articles.

Here’s to these smaller newspapers, from Cape to Cape, departing editorially from the liberal Democratic lockstep, and striking a blow for independence from the conventional.

(Image: Shooting my Universe)


5 responses to “Codfish Revolution

  1. Elk,Imagine Ken Pittman interviewing Martha Coakley on hecklers:

    PITTMAN: Yeah, but at a campaign appearance you still have your right to free speech.

    COAKLEY: The law says that people are allowed to have that. And so, then, if you — you can have free speech, you probably shouldn’t go to campaign appearances.

    Pittman: Even if you’re 10 years old?

  2. Old Dominion Tory

    I am pleased beyond words to see that the support for Brown is “Cape to Cape.” I noticed, too, that one of the leading towns in absentee voting is my hometown of Yarmouth. Back in the day, the Cape was a Republican redoubt. Perhaps, tomorrow, it will be so again.
    Irish Elk, how is Brown running outside of the Boston area–e.g., the western part of the state, around Attleboro (Peg Heckler’s old district), along the I-495 corridor, and on the Cape?

  3. ODT, based on my own personal observations, Brown seems to have a good deal of support in MetroWest and central Mass. His candidacy resonates with the people out here who work for a living and who have snowplows on their pickups. This past Saturday we went out to eat at a diner in Oxford, in the heart of central Mass., and there was a Brown stand-out going on downtown. The Brown signs predominate in Holliston. Stopped by the package store there the other night and, making small talk, asked the proprietor if he expected to sell a lot for Election Day. He responded: “I’ll be drinking Jack Daniels if Scott Brown wins. If Martha Coakley wins I’ll be cutting my wrists.” Our little corner in Ashland is staked with Brown signs, though there are several Coakley signs down the street: Martha’s sister lives there.

    Speaking at the rally in Worcester yesterday were Curt Schilling, Doug Flutie, several former Patriots, and Cliff from “Cheers.” As someone at NRO (I believe) commented, guess the demographic they were going for. At the rally we saw folks from Michigan and Pennsylvania. On the shuttle a guy from the Republican Party from Texas said if Brown doesn’t win here, he was going to kidnap him and bring him to Texas. Clearly Brown is playing well across the country; not to tempt fate or jinx anything, but I think he’s going to play well tomorrow here in the middle of Mass.

  4. ODT, from the Campaign Spot at NRO:

    It Does Not Appear That This Race Is Tightening.

    We’re reaching the surreal point where if Coakley wins, it might be a huge upset. Rothenberg nudges his assessment one more notch over, to “Lean Takeover” (a Brown win) and apparently this morning, a pollster from Suffolk University appeared on MSNBC, saying he had surveyed three bellwether communities across Massachusetts last night. All three showed a double-digit lead for Scott Brown.

  5. Old Dominion Tory

    Good news all around. “Double-digit lead.” Wow.
    I just hope that the Brown voters stay highly motivated throughout the next 36 hours or so.

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