Whatever Martha Wants

The Rev Pat Robertston is mistaken. It wasn’t Haiti that made the deal with the devil.

It apparently was Martha Coakley, who kept a clearly innocent man in prison for her own political gain, and thought the Massachusetts Senate seat was securely in the satchel, so much so she didn’t even have to campaign for it.

What else would account for such hubris followed by such a remarkable string of flubs, of seeming self-sabotage, with the laurels in view? Catholics need not apply for jobs in emergency rooms? She shouldn’t be expected to shake hands with voters in the cold outside Fenway Park? There are no terrorists in Afghanistan? She isn’t privy to the facts surrounding her thug’s knocking down a reporter right in front of her?

We shall see if she – or Mr Applegate – collects the reward on Tuesday.

In the meantime, the Brownies are singing, “You Gotta Have Heart.”

The latest breaking news on the Senate race: Memeorandum

(Image via Millie Motts)

11 responses to “Whatever Martha Wants

  1. Dems are on to Plan B. If they get deal on Obamacare in next 72 hours -and force vote- then Tuesday’s results do not matter.


  2. Since Coakley self-identifies as a Catholic, I think her remark in the radio interview yesterday should not be taken to mean that devout Catholics should not work in hospital ERs. There would probably be no problem serving as orderlies–perhaps even as security guards.

  3. Old Dominion Tory

    They’d be OK as janitors, too, I suppose.

  4. Now there’s this today. More sabotage by Old Nick?

  5. Has anyone from the offices of the Boston Archdiocese condemned Coakley’s suggestion that Catholics ought not work in emergency rooms? Cardinal O’Malley?

  6. I just called the Archbishop.

    He wasn’t in.

    I’ll try him again on Monday.

  7. Oops.

    I didn’t call the Archbishop – I called the Cardinal.

  8. There’s just no accounting for this stuff. The Campaign Spot at NRO observes: The story of this campaign is starting to read like a Democratic strategist’s Book of Job.

    Schilling himself: “Never, and I mean never, could anyone ever make the mistake of calling me a Yankee fan. Well, check that, if you didn’t know what the hell is going on in your own state maybe you could.”

    I believe the Coakley camp is saying she meant it as a deadpan joke, but there’s no time to correct the impression at this point ~ The news cycles are moving way too fast.

  9. Has she ever made a joke, deadpan or otherwise?

    See this?… Radio interview of Gerald Amirault yesterday.

  10. “A lot of people read the newspaper and think it’s like the dictionary, so it was difficult to get a fair trial.” – Gerald Amirault

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