Justice for Gerald Amirault?

Gerald Amirault was interviewed on WEEI this morning.

He sounded remarkably un-bitter for someone who was imprisoned for 18 years after a modern-day witch trial now notorious as a miscarriage of justice, and who still must wear an ankle bracelet as a convicted “sex offender” and as a result can’t get a job. Where does he go to get his life back?

Martha Coakley as DA made sure he stayed behind bars for three extra years. She is a Massachusetts version of the prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case. She certainly should not be rewarded with a US Senate seat.

UPDATE, 1/14/10

“The surest way to get on in politics in America is to play the leading part in a prosecution which attracts public notice.” ~ H.L. Mencken, via a commenter at The Economist

Radley Balko at Politico: Is Coakley committed to justice?

Dan Collins, Piece of Work in Progress: “There are real monsters in the Amirault case, but Gerald Amirault is none of them; Coakley is, though…”

Jack Fowler, The Corner, NRO: “Part of the reason Gerald Amirault served so long: Middlesex DA Martha Coakley, who, in the face of clear evidence, knowing that the accusations were sheer fabrication, worked diligently to prevent the commutation of Amirault’s sentence and to prolong his time behind bars.” Amirault’s radio interview today: “Heartbreaking, stunning, and maddening.”

Wall Street Journal, April 30, 2004: Gerald Amirault’s Freedom

(Image: NY Public Library)


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