The Irish Elk is here

Image of Megaloceros giganteus by Atirador


14 responses to “The Irish Elk is here

  1. The old blog is currently number 3 on Google if one searches “Irish Elk”. I expect its ranking to enter into a genteel decline over the course of the next months and years.

  2. Yep, but it will remain as if preserved in amber.

  3. In this photo you see the old Elk being passed on the right by a musk ox. An allegory, perhaps.

  4. So this is the elk’s new pasture?

    Well, it does seem sort of Celtic pastorial around here. Sorry it took me a while to wonder over to here.

  5. Eee gads, is that Avatar how I appear cyberwise? My goodness.

    • Hi, Yeoman, glad you found the new place. Your avatar looks like some sort of killer skate-ray. Unique!

      • I’m glad I found it too.

        I always found your old site to be one of the best on the net. This one promises to build on that. Most excellent!

  6. Mrs P, interesting. NRO has more on the Stupak scholarship being cut. This wouldn’t seem to be a good way to win Stupak over on health care. But Stupak does observe that Bush cut $ for the scholarship, too, and that its supporters won its reinstatement.

    Yeoman, thanks for the kind words. Perhaps we can figure out how to get you a good William Jennings Bryan pic for an avatar.

  7. I loved that statement by Stupak. Wow. Has he got the Obama soundbite down – we have to do a better job getting our message out blah,blah, the first Olympic black skater came from this program blah, blah.

    Alright, let’s unpack this. First what I love about this “cut” by our trillion dollar baby president is that it combines 2 of his major failures under a 1 million dollar price tag. Bart Stupak who dissed him over abortion (actually morality) and the Olympics who gave his Evil Queen the great big raspberry after she shared with the wolrd how she used to sit on her crippled dad’s lap as a 20 year old Princeton girl to watch black Olympians win their golds.

    What we have going on here is a fishing expedition. This million dollar cut is the first chip in the game called “what’s Bart’s price” to give up his pro-life conviction. Ben Nelson and Chris Dodd folded their cards at 100 million. Mary Landrieu, who is from an immoral family to begin with, got 300 million for having no convictions and then there is the little noticed Bill Nelson of Florida who stay in the game until he got 3 billion.

    Stupak, if he’s smart (and immoral) can walk away with anything he wants because if the Dems go reconciliation they will strip out his amendment but then they still need him and his posse’s support in the end. So what is Stupak’s price?

    That is the question of the hour. More importantly, the question of Obama’s presidency.

  8. Mrs P, you need to go on the radio to expound this theory, and if you do, you must contact me (cc’ing my work e-mail) beforehand so I can tune in.

  9. Hey did you see this from James Delingpole at the Telegraph today. The last paragraph is refreshingly honest :

    A mighty outpouring of rage today from Philip Stott, foaming with righteous indignation, on the life and imminent death of the AGW scam.

    Part of him is naturally enthralled:

    … as an independent academic, it has been fascinating to witness the classical collapse of a Grand Narrative, in which social and philosophical theories are being played out before our gaze. It is like watching the Berlin Wall being torn down, concrete slab by concrete slab, brick by brick, with cracks appearing and widening daily on every face – political, economic, and scientific.

    He recognises that this an era of massive geopolitical power shifts:

    The humiliating exclusion of Britain and the EU at the end of the Copenhagen débâcle was partially to be expected, but it was brutal in its final execution. The swing of power to the BASIC group of countries (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) had likewise been signified for some time, but, again, it came with precipitate ease, leaving even the American President, Barack Obama, with no doubts as to where the political agenda on climate change was now heading, namely to the developing world, but especially to the East, and to the Pacific Rim. The dirigiste tropes of ‘Old Europe’, with its love of meaningless targets and carbon capping, will no longer carry weight, while Obama himself has been straitjacketed by the voters of Massachusetts, by the rust-belt Democrats, by a truculent Congress, by an increasingly-sceptical and disillusioned American public, but, above all, by the financial crisis. Nothing will now be effected that for a single moment curbs economic development, from China to Connecticut, from Africa to Alaska.

    But his overwhelming mood is one of white-hot fury at the way so many of his fellow scientists have colluded in this nauseating conspiracy:

    And what can one say about ‘the science’? ‘The ‘science’ is already paying dearly for its abuse of freedom of information, for unacceptable cronyism, for unwonted arrogance, and for the disgraceful misuse of data at every level, from temperature measurements to glaciers to the Amazon rain forest. What is worse, the usurping of the scientific method, and of justified scientific scepticism, by political policies and political propaganda could well damage science sensu lato – never mind just climate science – in the public eye for decades. The appalling pre-Copenhagen attacks by the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his climate-change henchman, Ed Miliband, on those who dared to be critical of the science of climate change were some of the most unforgivable I can recall.

    I first met Professor Stott a couple of years ago. He’s emeritus professor of biogeography at the University of London, and I tracked him down because in those days he was pretty much the ONLY senior scientific academic anywhere in Britain brave enough publicly to dispute the AGW ‘consensus.”

    We had lunch. “There are many more scientists who think the way I do,” he told me. “But they don’t want to stick their heads above the parapet. They don’t want to lose their jobs.” We talked a bit about the loneliness of our position, how impossible it was to place dissenting articles anywhere in the media, how people who thought like us were treated like pariahs.

    Now suddenly it has all changed utterly. And you know what? I’m in no mood for being magnanimous in victory. I want the lying, cheating, fraudulent scientists prosecuted and fined or imprisoned. I want warmist politicians like Brown and disgusting Milibands booted out and I want Conservative fellow-travellers who are still pushing this green con trick – that’ll be you, David Cameron, you Greg Clark, you Tim Yeo, you John Gummer, to name but four – to be punished at the polls for their culpable idiocy.

    For years I’ve been made to feel a pariah for my views on AGW. Chris Booker has had the same experience, as has Richard North, Benny Peiser, Lord Lawson, Philip Stott and those few others of us who recognised early on that the AGW thing stank. Now it’s payback time and I take small satisfaction from seeing so many rats deserting their sinking ship. I don’t want them on my side. I want to see them in hell, reliving scenes from Hieronymus Bosch.

    Yeah, maybe it isn’t the Christian way. But screw ‘em. It’s not as though they haven’t all been screwing us for long enough.

  10. “Dirigiste tropes.” I love it.

    Oh, Mrs P, here’s something you’ll find interesting. Planned Parenthood is opening an office in Fitchburg, Mass., using a $370k federal grant. I’d trade three Planned Parenthood clinics for an Olympic training scholarship, wouldn’t you?

  11. Old Dominion Tory

    Delingpole is a genius. He also took a hearty swipe at Obama and his acolytes in his book “Obamaland.”
    As I tell my cadets, every bill has a supporting coalition and an opposing coalition, and it is the job of Congressional leaders to lash their coalitions together as best and as tightly as they can.
    I am hopeful that Stupak has the gumption to tell the President, his courtiers, and Mrs. Pelosi that they can strip his district of every penny of federal aid, but he isn’t budging from his pro-life stance. Faced with a principled stand, they just might be stunned into acceptance.

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