The Enthusiasm Factor

Amy Walter at the National Journal writes:

How does a special election in Massachusetts, one of the bluest states around, go from a slam dunk to a nail-biter? One word: enthusiasm. Republicans have it. Democrats don’t.

The newest Rasmussen Poll has it a two-point race, Coakley 49, Brown 47, a virtual dead-heat, down from a nine-point margin last week. The poll shows Brown with an enormous lead among independents:

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Brown leads 71% to 23%. To be clear, this lead is among unaffiliated voters who are likely to participate in the special election.

Coakley was in Washington today at a fund-raiser staged for her by fat-cat health-care lobbyists. Jim Geraghty at NRO’s Campaign Spot reports:

My spy passes along word that Coakley herself fired up the crowd with this inspiring line: “If I don’t win, 2010 is going to be hell for Democrats… Every Democrat will have a competitive race.”

Her defeat was also described as “Waterloo for health care.”

It is alleged a Coakley goon knocked down a Weekly Standard reporter who tried to ask her a question outside. The reporter’s account and a video are here.

Coakley has not been having a good week. The Democratic candidate who maintained there are no terrorists left to pursue in Afghanistan was reported by the Herald today to be cracking down as state attorney general on ladies’ garden clubs.

Memeorandum has comprehensive coverage of the race.

A colleague said she was out at the debate on Monday night and heard a Teamster holding a sign for Coakley say he’d been paid to do so — but also that he planned to vote for Brown.

Robert Costa at NRO says Brown channeled Reagan in Nashua in 1980 with the best line of the debate. Sissy Willis already is making up tee-shirts reading: “It’s the People’s Seat, Stupid.”

Miss Kelly writes: My Husband’s Hockey Playing Friends Are All Voting for Scott Brown.

Doug Flutie is, too.

(Image via The Blue Elephant)

6 responses to “The Enthusiasm Factor

  1. Ahem, who was it just yesterday afternoon at this particular blog saying the Dems could drop the rumor of Brown having a gay affair? And then you ignore*this* at The Campaign spot?

    “My spy also tells me Rep. Ed Markey* implied Scott Brown is a cross-dresser.

    “* This originally said Rep. Michael Capuano. Because let’s face it, congressmen from Massachusetts — all but one middle-aged to elderly white males — pretty much look alike.”

    1. This proves the Dems are in real trouble. Like in NJ and Va, it is the INDEPENDENTS that are leaving the Dems, not the Christian Conservatives. Independents care about primarily about freedoms, taxes and strong defense. Not about gender issues. However, this cross dresser allegation is not being done to stop the Independents but to *dampen the enthusiasm* of the Christian Conservatives in the Republican camp in Massachusettes. (spelling intentional)

    Does Massachusettes have any Christian Conservatives? I thought they were all run out of town decades ago.

    We are into single digit territory so every little bit of enthusiasm dampening helps.

  2. Old Dominion Tory

    If the uber-bland Ed Markey now is the pit bull of the anti-Brown effort, then there is little chance of the Dems gaining much enthusiasm in these waning days of the campaign. Ed can be counted on as a loyal apparatchik, but not for much else.
    Speaking of Scott Brown’s children, one of his daughters came out swinging yesterday, taking Coakley’s campaign to task for its ridiculously ham-fisted ad against Brown. Good lass!

  3. The Globe just endorsed Brown late this afternoon. The comments section is already a thing of beauty, giving hope.

    Also, this is what appeared after the headline on

    “The Globe Editorial Board, which is separate from the Globe’s newsroom, endorsed Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley today, calling her the more qualified candidate in experience and judgment. ”

    Like they are trying to distance themselves from their lame endorsement.

  4. Amy, you have to wonder if the poor hack writing the endorsement drew a short straw or really believed the nonsense he or she was writing.

    I particularly liked the Globe’s headline on the wire piece earlier today about the Coakley goon knocking down the reporter who tried to ask Coakley a question: “Reporter Takes a Stumble.”

    Interesting that the Worcester T&G endorsed Brown the other day, and they’re owned by the NYT, too.

  5. T&G bites the hand that feeds them? Maybe it doesn’t feed them so good anymore.

    I liked the comment at the Globe that if the Globe does not endorse this of all Republicans then they will never endorse a Republican and therefore their endorsement is meaningless.

    I forget where I read it on my internet rounds today, but someone said “Reporter Takes a Tumble” was like “Lincoln’s Head Gets in the Way of Assassin’s Bullet.”

    I love that all the smart normal people with jobs and lives are coming out of the woodwork to have an opinion and some enthusiasm about this election. Let’s hope we get some of that in NH later this year too.

    Someone should immediately write and circulate a cutting parody of that lame endorsement. Let laughter and mockery shame them.

  6. This morning the Globe re-posted the same lame editorial on its front page, with a different URL and a brand-new, start-over comments section. The original URL had almost 500 comments (which the Globe had reset to Latest First instead of Chrono Order), most in favor of Brown.

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