The Debate, &c

“It isn’t that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” ~ Ronald Reagan

In tonight’s Mass. Senate debate, Brown clearly had the advantage on Coakley in re the war on terror. Does she want to do anything to fight the people who have declared war on us?

Here’s a snippet:

MODERATOR: “Do you think we should withdraw? [from Afghanistan]”

COAKLEY: “I think we should plan an exit strategy yes.”

MODERATOR: “And how would we succeed.”

COAKLEY: “I am not sure there is a way to succeed. If the goal was and the vision in Afghanistan was to go in because we believe the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists, we supported them, I supported that goal. They are gone, They are not there anymore, they are in Yemen and Pakistan. Lets focus our efforts on where Al Qaeda is.”

But if I recall correctly she followed by saying she didn’t want to send troops after them in Yemen or wherever they are. Wish I had a transcript. Blogger LookingForLissa, semi-live-blogging the debate, captured the gist:

Coakley: We don’t need to send soldiers anywhere, we need to find out who the bad people are and just get them — holla holla, CIA!

Of course Coakley also favors treating terrorists like the Christmas bomber as civil defendants with court-appointed lawyers, instead of as enemy combatants. So much for gathering intelligence on attacks to come.

* * *

As of 9 o’clock tonight the Scott Brown Money Bomb appeal had raised nearly $1M from around the country over the course of one day. The campaign had set out to raise half that.

It’s not too late to donate.

NRO has been following Scott Brown’s big day.

The Herald has endorsed Brown.

Kathryn Jean Lopez posts an email from a bar in Lowell:

On Sunday night I stopped by to watch the playoff games. While I sat at the crowded bar, I mentioned to a longtime patron that I was planning on volunteering for the Brown campaign. As the conversation turned towards our support for him and our dislike for Coakley, two men, whom I know to be local union carpenters, mentioned that they were thinking of volunteering and spoke of their intention to vote for Brown. As talk of the election spread around our end of the bar, another gentleman informed us that he was scheduled to work a phone bank on Wednesday. Soon, our end of the bar room was abuzz with support for Brown. In working class Lowell, in a neighborhood bar, this level of support for a Republican is simply unbelievable. In addition, the newly minted Coakley ad generated an unexpected reaction from the patrons. When the ad finished someone in the back room hissed at the screens:”She thinks she already won!” Amazing.

15 responses to “The Debate, &c

  1. Thanks for the link! And yes, Martha Coakley said that she didn’t want to send troops to Yemen, or Pakistan, that there were other methods — she did specifically mention the CIA — and criticized Scott Brown for automatically thinking sending troops was the only and best response.

  2. Lissa, thanks for the running account!

  3. Hola, MCNS. Will the new blog still include coverage of any fossiles finds of Irish Elk?

  4. Old Dominion Tory

    Well, well . . . I dearly hope that Martha’s gaffe is the talk of the town.
    If the Dems in Boston and Washington start to deride her as a bad candidate to begin with, then it’s all over but the shouting.

  5. Steve, oh yes, indeed. The antediluvian slant will continue.

    ODT, Mrs Elk and I couldn’t believe we were hearing what Martha was saying. There are no terrorists in Afghanistan? And there’s really no way to succeed over there anyway? Talk about your do-nothing defeatist attitude.

  6. On Martha’s gaffe, I think the media will smother it. I recall my jaw dropping when I heard Joe Biden (make that “foreign policy expert Joe Biden”) in the 2008 VP Debate explain that the US and France had gone in and kicked Hezbollah out of Lebannon. This absurdity got passing reference on Fox News and at NRO, but otherwise just slipped by.
    I have watched the Big Moment from last night’s debate a couple of times now: “It’s not the Kennedy seat…” I will admit that, at first, after reading the lines I was a bit disappointed with viewing this because Scott Brown spoke so fast and used almost a monotone. But, but, the Democrat Party “moderator” of the debate, David Gergen, was clearly trying to cut in an squash the moment from Brown. (You can hear him attempt to cut in.) On balance, Brown did a great job since he hardly took a breath and thereby got his full point across without Gergen trying to save the day for Coakley.
    Switching subjects, I anticipate the new blog will create a need for some reference to this party game from the 1930s:
    The box cover alone looks eminently blogable.

  7. “‘One club president asked me if she was going to be led away in handcuffs,’ said Smith, adding that many members are in nursing homes or in Florida. ‘These ladies are confused.’

    “The local clubs quietly maintain traffic islands, town halls, libraries and veterans’ hospitals across the state. Most take in about $5,000 to $10,000 a year in annual dues and plant sales, Smith said.”

    Martha Coakley: Taking a bite out of crime.

  8. Steve, that game looks like just the thing. I must confess I was distracted at first by John Ashcroft’s Statue of Justice in the background. The law is a jealous mistress.

  9. Per Mr. Gravitas, David Gergen as in how he describes himself on his own website:

    “David Gergen is currently a professor of public service at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and director of its Center for Public Leadership. He is also editor-at-large for U.S. News & World Report and a Senior Political Analyst for CNN. In earlier years, he served as a White House adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton.”

    1. That he of all people referred to the seat up for grabs as “Kennedy’s seat” is beyond funny. And Sarah Palin is the stupid one…

    2. Gergen stepped on Brown because his question was meant to be a “gotcha” question. And Mr. Brown got him instead on two accounts. One for being stupid and then showing us how Gergen stepped on him.

    3. Gergen’s “Gotcha” question was arrogant and foolish to begin with as the American people actually understand the Republicans have *not* been allowed to contribute their ideas of reform to this monstrosity currently being cobbled together by Harry&Nancy.

    4. Tim Russert never would have made this blooper.

    5. Yesterday’s comments by Coakley about Brown wanting to take Massachusetts back proved she indeed ought to be elected. She is the intellectual heir of Ted Kennedy. Look at Kennedy’s Judge Bork’s America speech for further understanding….

    Now if she’d only drive a car off a bridge with a boy toy in the back seat…

  10. Martha fill Teddy’s seat? Why it was only a few years ago Teddy would’ve been telling Martha to fetch him a cup of coffee.

  11. John Ashcroft’s Statue of Justice is probably blog-worthy too. Perhaps showing that RCBfA still has a home in Massachusettes (to use the new Democrat Party spelling). More on the new spelling here:

  12. Why do my arms in my icon look just like Bill Clinton’s? In fact, why does Bill Clinton get the same icon as Mrs. P?
    As long as I am asking questions, why is this blog on London time?

  13. The answer to your questions Steve, depend on what your definition of is is.

    Now Martha is calling Brown a Nazi:

    And the DNC is accusing him of being a Rovian:

    Tea Parties Are the Devil [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

    According to the DNC; their new release declares: “Scott Brown made a deal with the devil – and he should have held out for a better one…Brown’s embrace of radical tea party groups for funding coincides nicely with his willingness to accept the millions in television ads from shadowy out-of-state organizations with links to Karl Rove…”

    Savor the moment. Now matter how this race goes, politics doesn’t get any better than this.

  14. Old Dominion Tory

    Gergen attempted to step on Brown’s line because, in that instant, Gergen realized he’d been too clever by half and had revealed himself (again) as the fraud he is.
    Sure, Brown’s response might have lacked dramatic flair. Nevertheless, he put Gergen in his place. Good on him!
    As to the fearmonger from Washington, I wonder how long it took Massachusetts voters to realize that his fool was there for one reason: to stampede them. I suspect that his next sophisticated move will be to circulate pictures of Scott Brown with schoolboyish horns and fangs drawn on him. Well, in a week’s time, he’ll be back running keggers in whatever fraternity house the Democrats found him.

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