Let’s hear it for Martha and the Massachusettes!

Neo-Neocon asks:

What do Martha Coakley and Dan Quayle have in common?

Chortle. You say potatoe, I say po-tah-toe.

(Image: Oh Philippa)


4 responses to “Let’s hear it for Martha and the Massachusettes!

  1. Ok Elk, Martha Coakley has had a very bad 24 hours. She cannot afford another 24. You’re her campaign guru, what do you pull out of your Democrat bag ‘0 tricks to stop the momentum going towards Brown?

    1. Drop the rumor of a gay relationship in or after college?

    That would work in Brown’s favor in Massachusetts.

    2. Drop evidence of a ages old DUI charge?

    Three words: Mary Jo Kohpecne.

    3. Go after his kids?

    That’s worth a shot.

  2. Mrs. P, with a Rassmusen poll now also showing a close race (Coakley by 2), we can expect your list to look tame by this time next week.
    Mar, with regard to Qyayle/Coakley comparisons, don’t leave out Dan Quayle responding to the press about his not going to Vietnam (unfortunately, his first thought was to mention that his brother went) and Martha Coakley being asked a week or two ago in a TV station interview about her lack of foreign policy experience (she immediately noted that her sister lives overseas).

  3. Ms (no doubt) Coakley and her Dem handlers and SEIU thugs seem to be writing the definitive textbook on how not to run a political campaign.

    A couple of random notes:

    RSM has taken to calling the SEIU folks “purple people beaters” (see the 60s novelty song). And are they trucking in SEIU to stuff the ballot boxes Chicago-style at “friendly” polling stations on election day?

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