Around the Horn

[Ibex pushing a hunter off of ... Digital ID: 822926. New York Public Library

New York Public Library: An Ibex pushes a hunter off of a cliff. Printed on border: “London. Published Aug. 1, 1829, by Moon, Boys & Graves, printsellers to the King, 6 Pall Mall.”

* * *

Iconic Photos: The Dreadnought Hoax

On February 7th, 1910, one Herbert Cholmondesly of HMFO demanded a special train from London’s Paddington Station to convey four Abyssinian princes to Weymouth docks. In fact, the troupe who boarded HMS Dreadnought that morning were pranksters, recruited by the noted adventurer William Horace de Vere Cole, the ‘Cholmondesly of the FO’…

Among the disguised potentates: the novelist Virgina Woolf.

When rain threatened their make-ups, the ‘princes’ requested the permission to inspect the ship. Inside, they overacted to a ludicrous degree: they handed out visiting cards printed in Swahili. Being at a loss of what to say, Buxton improvised Virgil’s Aeneid in a strange accent, lest the navy recognized Latin. They asked for prayer mats at sunset, and tried to bestow Abyssinian honours on senior officers. ‘Bunga-bunga,’ they exclaimed whenever they were shown some great aspect of the ship; this except Virginia Woolf who had to try hard to disguise her womanish voice.

* * *

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New Liturgical Movement: Ad orientem aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt

* * *

Inn at the End of the World: Zita of Hungary, Handmaid of God

* * *

Panabasis: That Cherub Pose

* * *

Andrew Cusack: Three newspapers of old


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