Scott Brown Money Bomb


UPDATE: As of 2:45 today, the total was nearly $431k.

The appeal had passed the target of $500k by 4 p.m.

Today is the day to make your voice heard and help Scott Brown win on January 19th.

Pledge here toward the Scott Brown Money Bomb.

The hope is to raise $500,000.

You can track progress of the appeal.

As of 12:45 today they’d raised nearly $275k, or more than half the goal.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the race today:

The 60th Senate Vote:

When Ted Kennedy died last August, Democrats said they’d honor him by finally passing the national health care he had long campaigned for. What an irony it would be if the race for Kennedy’s successor in Massachusetts denied Democrats the 60th vote to ram their federal takeover into law on a partisan basis.

That prospect isn’t as implausible as it once seemed in that most liberal of states, as Republican Scott Brown has closed to within striking distance of Democrat Martha Coakley in the January 19 special election.

A sign of their worry is that Democrats are whispering that even if Mr. Brown wins, they’ll delay his swearing in long enough to let appointed Senator Paul Kirk vote for ObamaCare.

The mere fact that Democrats have to fight so hard to save Ted Kennedy’s seat shows how badly they have misjudged America by governing so far to the left.

The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette have endorsed Brown.

Sissy Willis: The ‘change agent in the race’

Memeorandum: A roundup of coverage and comment

Jules Crittenden: ‘Told you so’


2 responses to “Scott Brown Money Bomb

  1. Hey, I like the name. Better than Cake Box Mix.

    Did you see the latest? Brown really may have a chance. So much of one O’s not going to risk what’s left of his rep to *help* Teddy’s seat stay in the D column – we already know the 60 seat thingummy no longer matters because the Dems are not going to certify the election so O doesn’t have to fear about not having enough votes to earn his first year’s A-…:

    “Facing a closer-than-expected special election race that could affect the outcome of health care reform, Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley (D) likely won’t receive last-minute help from President Obama.

    “”The president doesn’t have any travel plans to campaign in Massachusetts,”” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said at this afternoon’s press briefing.”

    Here’s a question, would O be in the White House today if it weren’t for Ted Kennedy’s support? Someone quick ask Peggy Noonan if this expression of vulgarization in American politics by O is as vulgar as Sarah Palin’s speech patterns?

    Here’s another question, is Coakley not asking for O’s help because O will only sink her further?

  2. Hi, Mrs P ~ My comments went kerblooie over at Irish Elk and my grandfathered template wasn’t making it possible to upgrade ~ Technology caught up with the Elk ~ So it will remain as a museum piece while we carry on over here ~ Thanks for heading over.

    Did you see the e-mails from the field in Mass. that Kathryn Jean Lopez has been posting over at The Corner at NRO?

    All I can say is I am very happy about the latest Globe poll claiming a 15-point lead for Martha because it will make whatever supporters she has even more complacent and inclined to stay home on Election Day. Yep, she’s got it in the bag. Nothing to see here.

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